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Dreams Do Come True

Creating a luxe female-only boutique fitness studio for the strong women of Townsville is a dream come true. The ride has not been easy, but it is sure as hell, worth it!

We have worked in the fitness industry for 6 years. We have both become mothers in that time. We have navigated our way out of pandemic. We have relocated due to floods. We have outgrown and upgraded our studio space. We have learnt a tremendous amount about business and our knowledge in the gym has and will continue to develop.

In 2021, we were given notice from our landlord that our time was up at our 272 Sturt Street space. We had to choose whether we take the leap and go BIG, or play it safe and relocate to something of a similar size. We shopped around for months and there were no spaces which really ticked all the boxes. We had a specific criteria that we had formulated from a series of member feedback surveys. We knew our members wanted:

  • Air-conditioning

  • More space & more equipment

  • Showers

  • CBD location

  • Plenty of parking

We combined what our members wanted with our own dream space. We wanted to create a space that was LUXE but at a price that all women could afford. We wanted to set our selves apart from our competitors by offering group fitness & all day gym access. It was our goal to create a space that offered a little something for everyone by creating a timetable which ticked all the boxes. We envisioned a space that was industrial x feminine. So what next....?

  1. We took the leap of faith and committed to our amazing 162 Sturt Street space.

  2. We contacted the amazing ladies at Ethos Interiors and spoke to them about our vision. They understood what we wanted immediately and soon after, presented us with an interior design proposal. Check them out!

  3. We ordered more equipment! Crates and crates worth of equipment. From bikes and rowers, to a leg press machine and a sled track.

  4. We researched new gym management software. We wanted a program that would allow us to integrate our membership database with a swipe access system into the facility. We then spent months learning how to use the software and the best way to transfer our members across.

  5. We hired a videographer to record a workout library that we would use to demonstrate the daily workouts on the television screens and enable us to take our memberships online.

  6. We hired contractors to complete the fit out.

  7. April came around and we got keys to our new space and the works began.

  8. We said goodbye to 272 Sturt Street and hello to our brand new location just a few doors down.

Since opening our doors, we have welcomed over 300 women into our space. We are growing and continuously learning. We make it a priority to HEAR our clients feedback and ensure we are always offering the highest level of customer service and value. It is our goal to expand into a second location by the end of 2023. If you would like to see FIRST BASE in your suburb, state or town, please let us know!

As always, thank you supporting our small business.

Love Bri & Talia x

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