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strong at every age
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teen fit

Welcome to our teen fit program, where we are all about girl power and rocking those teenage years with confidence. We want to help all our fellow females unleash their inner strength and become the confident, powerful young women they were born to be. 

We know girls can be fierce, fabulous and fit at every age. Join our teen fit program, break barriers and reach new heights with us. We make fitness fun. Enjoy 2 days a week of high-energy workouts with friends, great music and our expert trainers.

This is an 10 week program. Classes will be each Tuesday and Thursday at 3:45pm at our CBD and Domain gym. They will run for 45 minutes. The focus will be finding the fun in exercise with friends. We will do a mix of Pilates inspired exercises, introduction to weights training and circuit style body weight training.

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teen fit membership


$29.95 a week for 10 week block. Next block begins July 8 2024. We have 20 spots at each location available.

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