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At First Base we pride ourselves in using the Connect Therapy approach to treatment. Founder & educator LJ Lee describes Connect Therapy as a construct of connectedness with emphasis on 'how different regions & systems of the body are connected.

How the body & mind are connected. How therapists & patients are connected. How we as humans are physically, emotionally and socially connected’.


Connect Therapy uses a robust clinical reasoning process that considers the whole person which facilitated a more efficient treatment plan.

An example of this is when a painful or uncomfortable experience arises either acutely or over time, but with no specific ‘mechanism of injury’ or accident. These are the presentations that cannot be treated simply by using the text book rehabilitation process. The cause of this issue may go as far back as a broken foot 15 years ago or as recent as starting a new desk job in recent weeks. It is extremely important to establish the whole picture rather than just treat the symptoms in order to establish long term positive outcomes.

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