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Home Workouts During Covid-19

For the last month and for many more to come, we are faced with so much uncertainty, changes in the way we live our lives and many hours spent in the comfort of our own homes.

Isolation means... home workouts. These become boring quite quickly when you lack variety. Try our simple tips to ensure you maintain your fitness, strength and optimal health during these times.

1. Have a space dedicated to exercise. Having a home gym set up is similar to having a home office. The right environment will mean you are more motivated and inclined to stick to your home workout routine. Purchase yourself some gym flooring, invest in a music speaker and dedicate an hour a day for exercise.

2. Wake up early. It is easy to slip into the routine of sleeping in, especially if you are unable to go to work. It is so important that you keep routine and purpose in your day, starting with an early morning exercise.

3. Invest in a variety of home workout equipment. Burpees get boring and you will begin to crave variety and weight training. Have a mix of equipment and get creative. We suggest:

Mini bands

Light dumbbells (4-6kg)

Heavy dumbbells (10-15kg)

Ankle weights

Medicine ball


4. Join our virtual classes. Exercising alone is far less motivating. Our virtual Zoom classes allow you to chat with the team and exercise in front of each other just as we do in the gym. Plus... you can't stop when your on the big screen haha.

5. Purchase our home workout guide. Use the code: STAYHOME to take 20% off the price of the guide. Enjoy access to over 20 home workouts to ensure you are never short of ideas.

Exercise and eating a healthy & balanced diet is vital during this time of uncertainty. We must all ensure our body is equipped with a strong immunity to fight off any infections.

Stay safe and healthy.

Love Bri & Nat xx

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