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Right now, we all need some self-love.

If you have managed to maintain steady employment and a busy schedule, you are one of the lucky ones. Never have I appreciated waking up at 4 am, having a daily to-do lists and feeling busy more than I do now. 

With so much time spent at home, I try to keep a schedule where I set an alarm, exercise daily, have planned meals and set up a work space to do a few hours on my laptop before I binge watch The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. It is hard to avoid the temptation of movie snacks and eating out of boredom. 

After the first few weeks of isolation I began to feel flat. I wasn't doing the normal things that make me feel like myself. I was lacking the self-love that I usually give myself when life is normal. 

Rather than letting myself get down about it, I decided to change what I can to ensure I continue to feel strong, healthy and beautiful (even if it is while I wear pajamas for more hours than what is socially acceptable).

Here are my tips to keep you feeling like your best self:

  • Working out daily. I have been loving joining in with my clients during our online classes. Seeing them work hard makes me work hard. We all need that extra push ATM.

  • Goal setting & weekly check-ins with myself to make sure I am being productive and sticking to a routine.

  • Started following our First Base nutrition guide. When I started following a structure I became less tempted to snack on my husbands deliciously naughty snacks that sat in our "quarantine cupboard". Plus the recipes are delicious!

  • Invested in new products for my skin. I have had more breakouts due to stress! It feels great to use products from local businesses whilst helping my skin improve. I usually get a facial each month. This is a big part of my self-love normally and I am keeping it that way!

  • Take up a new hobby. I have started kayaking and cycling and I look forward to it every day! 

Whatever battles you are facing, please know you aren't alone through this! Brianna and I are always here for a chat, a Strand walk or to offer any advice! 

Stay safe and healthy xxx

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