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Staying on Track This Silly Season

It is that time of year folks. It's silly season.

The Christmas parties have begun and the social calendar is full. So, how do you stay on track during the holiday season? We have a few tips and tricks that will make it easy.

  1. Bank your calories for the big events. If you are tracking your macros and working towards a personal body composition goal, banking your calories is a great way to make sure you remain on track through all the social events. Here's how it works... Let's say you are eating approximately 1800 calories per day. This weekend you have a Christmas party and you know for sure cocktails & a Christmas ham are on the menu. All you have to do is adjust your calories in the week leading up. 7 days x 1800 calories = 12,600 calories/week. If you adjust your calories between Monday - Friday to be 1500 calories, that leaves you with an extra 2,100 calories for the weekend.

  2. Be prepared for the day after the celebrations. One of the biggest parts of the holiday season that is likely to impact your body composition is the choices we make the day after drinking alcohol. Oily foods and calorie dense foods that provide temporary relief from egg nog hangovers are sure to sabotage your goals. Plan ahead and have healthy meals ready so you aren't reaching for anything and everything when the hangry feelings kick in. Plus, be sure to flush it all out with plenty of water.

  3. Move your body. "What's the point in exercising. Ill wait until January to start back in the gym". Wrong answer. Keep your body moving through the silly season and for once, getting back into exercise doesn't have to be on the new years resolution list. Exercise should form part of your daily non-negotiables. Like cleaning your teeth. Do it daily and your body will thank you. Thankfully First Base will remain open over the entire Christmas period.

  4. Enjoy yourself. Do not deprive yourself. Christmas is for enjoying beautiful foods, laughs with friends and family, and plenty of chocolate coated almonds. You should be able to enjoy the festivities without feeling guilty, so long as you maintain the 80% whole foods, 20% soul foods rule & keep up your regular exercise routine.

Happy Holidays everyone from the First Base team.


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