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Fitness Testing Week | 3RM

It's almost fitness testing week team. You know what that means. We will be testing our 3RM for our compound exercises. Why do we do 3RM not 1RM?

Traditionally the one repetition maximum strength test has been considered the “gold standard” for assessing an individual’s strength. It is simply defined as the maximal weight an individual can lift for only one repetition with correct technique.

Although the 1RM test is a very reliable indicator of muscular strength, it comes with some level of risk, especially when being performed with free weights. To reduce the risk of injury and performing to failure, we choose to complete a 3RM.

The key rules that you must adhere to when undertaking a 3RM test are:

  • There should be no longer than 2 seconds break between reps

  • If a spotter is required to complete a final rep, this is not a true 3RM

  • All safety measures must be in place (safety bars set at highest point that does not compromise ROM, clips are used, spotter in place)

  • Technique must be perfected prior to 3RM

  • Warm up sets are performed


Prior to completing a 3RM for any given exercise, it is important that each member:

  1. Is confident in their technique. Beginners are not recommended to perform 3RMs until they have sufficient knowledge and experience on how to safely perform the movements with weight.

  2. Performs a general warm up combining mobility stretches and a core activation.

  3. Performs a specific warm up by completing warm up sets. This ensures the movement pattern is perfected and the target muscles are activated. For example, If we are about to test our 3RM back squat, then you should warm-up by performing progressively heavier sets of back squats

  4. Selects appropriate weight based on your final warm up set. If the lift felt hard, add a small amount of weight. If it felt easy, add a little more.If you feel like you could do more, add additional weight and rest for 3-5mins before attempting again. Continue in this manner until there is no possible way you can complete your fourth rep.

We look forward to testing week with you all team! Let's do this💪


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